Why A Farming Collective

Farming is one of the most important professions for humanity.

In the past few decades, both farming practices, as well as the value of doing it, have degraded. Over the last few years a lot many have started getting curious and interested in farming once again. Many have even bought pieces of farmland, and over weekends tried to take time out to try their hand at it. Some folks have succeeded and made it work, but for most, life and work start to eat up most available time, and the farm does not sustain after a couple of initial years of enthusiasm. It’s also a little expensive to have a caretaker stay on and manage a 2-3 acre farm – both the manpower and the basic inputs and infrastructure easily need a few lakhs a year at the very least.

We saw this problem repeat again and again, and decided to solve it.

Farming Collectives are our way to try and solve this problem.

You buy your little piece of farm – an acre or two as part of a community that together purchases a few tens of acres of farmland in the same place. You build a small, village-style, low footprint house in a “village” there. We also create housing for landless families with farming skills to work there, ensure the farm grows and sustains, and to be stakeholders in the land they till. You participate and learn as and when you have time. And we also run hospitality in these beautiful places now brought alive and greened by the efforts of the collective, and this in turn makes it viable and a lot easier to maintain.

The idea is to create a self-sustaining organic farm grown with ideas inspired from permaculture, Zero Budget Farming and similar. The scale helps lower risks and costs, use water and other resources efficiently, and engage with the market on better terms.

We’re starting with our first collective – The Tamarind Valley Collective at Thagatti, Tamil Nadu (5 kms from Hunsanahalli in Karnataka). We would love for you to join us and make this possibility turn into reality.