Architects for The Tamarind Valley Collective : Biome

We are delighted to have on-board Biome Environmental Solutions to help us plan the entire farm’s site design, water resources as well as the buildings on it – the individual dwellings as well as the common ones.

Biome’s, and it’s founder, Chitra’s sensibilities are both aligned with ours, and something we can draw both inspiration and learnings from. Theor focus on low footprint, locally relevant and sensible architecture, responsible water management and  the use of earth friendly materials that also make the houses comfortable are ideas that we are completely on board.

Here’s some of their work :

Excited to work on this together with Biome and create a beautiful, ecologically sensible place at the Collective!

All set to start at Thagatti

We’ve now gotten legal opinion done for a majority portion of the land, and are looking for a seed group of 12-15, of which about 9 are firmed up. On the last trip, we realized the entire valley had tamarind trees at regular intervals – something you don’t see often – and hence the name Hunsanahalli! So we’ve christened the project “The Tamarind Valley Collective” for now 🙂